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2018 Mazda 6

What’s next? We’ll be reviewing Mazda's midsize sedan. It's the 2018 Mazda 6.



It’s the not so clumsy Outback

SUBARU’S Outback has been ahead of the game ever since it first arrived way back in 1989. For 2018/19, it has had engine, suspension and transmission upgrades, more safety features added, a bit of cosmetic work fore and aft and a new infotainment system — all for an increase of only a handful of shekels.

  • Luxury
  • Mid Size
  • Small
  • Micro
  • Large
  • 4WD / SUV
  • Sports

Suzuki Swift GLX Turbo

In this video Danni checks out the all new Suzuki Swift in the top trim Turbo GLX guise. The previous generation of Suzuki Swift was excellent (even Danni owned one). But this new 2017 Swift won't disappoint.

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