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SkyActiv-X Mazda 3 and CX-30

The SkyActiv-X engine was all the rage about a year ago when the first ever compression ignition petrol option was installed in a Mazda. It promised to combine the best features of petrol and diesel engines and also to remove their downsides. It was supposed to improve fuel consumption of petrol engines drastically, increase compression and torque, while also keeping and also improving on the eco properties of modern petrol engines.

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Hennessey Goliath – Taken Too Far?

We love ourselves some UTEs here in Australia, but Americans seem to be on another level when it comes to these vehicles. Long gone are the days when they were only workhorses, designed to be affordable and durable. Today we have luxury UTEs, like the few we reviewed recently, or even performance ones like the lovely Ranger Raptor – yes, it’s lovely even with that engine, deal with it.

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