Martine Video Presenter

My background is originally in news journalism where I ran after politicians and hunted down criminals in the courts. I love my work here as a car review video presenter because I get to show more of who I am.
I am pretty outgoing and I love to take over the dance floor and have some impressive moves – or so I have been told.
I do have my quiet side as well where I enjoy snuggling in front of an open fire with a glass of red and someone special. I value that I can trust and have a special place in my heart for all animals.
Always positive and energetic, get me fired up and you will see that I have attitude – check it out in my videos.

My First Car

It was a Toyota Yaris Hatchback, a bottom of the range 2010 model. I was extremely proud of this brand new purchase and jazzed it up with a spoiler and mags. I kept it looking good, it was a gunmetal grey I washed it twice a week for the first year or so. I slaved away at an Italian deli for a year slicing pancetta and soppressa to save enough to buy this little beast.

What car did you go on your first date in?

The guy owned a very jazzed up Subaru Impreza, but he took me out in his father’s Toyota Hilux for some reason and we ended up in a cane paddock near a beach with him teaching me how to drive the car. It was a manual and I didn’t have a drivers license at this stage, let alone know how to operate a manual vehicle. A long story short, it didn’t end very well.

What do you drive now?

II now drive a 2013 Range Rover Evoque. I know, I know it’s a little bit of a step up from my first car. I fell in love with the sheer luxury and swag of this very swish car. It is a dream to drive and I feel a little safer sitting higher off the road, than I was with my trusty Yaris.

Your dream car?

I cant decide between a classic red Ferrari or a Lamborghini. I guess if I had the money I’d just buy the both and get it over with. They booth ooze sportiness, luxury and power. I am definitely that bystander on the street who stops and stares at a hot car like the Ferrari or Lamborghini when it passes. I certainly appreciate a nice car.

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