Simone Video Presenter

I studied Biomedical Science at University and a Diploma of Languages in French. You could say I am a bit of a nerd and love discovering how things work! I have an analytical mind and always like to delve deeper. But I also know how to let loose and have FUN! I also moonlight as a singer and write and perform my own music. Ever since I was a kid I shared a love of cars with my dad, especially big SUVs and luxury cars. One of my favourite past-times is going camping and 4-wheel driving in beautiful secluded spots in South Australia.

My First Car

My first car was a white 1987 Mazda 626 hatchback that my beautiful Nan gave me. It was such an ugly-ass car but I thought I was so cool driving around in it, cruising with my friends down to the beach blasting hip-hop music full blast. We had some good times in that car… until the engine blew up. Then it was onto a VY Commodore.

What do you drive now?

I now drive a 2012 Renault Fluence. I got a great deal on this car and thought it was a sophisticated match for me. It drives beautifully and I love the leather seats and sun-roof. Plus, it is French – and I love all things French!

What car did you go on your first date in?

The guy pulled up in a 1994 Lexus Soarer… I was very impressed. It had a sun-roof and a great sound system which were the most important things in a car to me back then. That car was awesome…. The guy, however, was not.

Your dream car?

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Lamborghini. I can see myself driving that one day. I had a photoshoot with one years ago. And the Audi R8s are hotttt!!! I’d like one in black, white or gun-metal grey. I love powerful, animalistic cars that give you a thrill.

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