What’s it like driving an Electric Car? In this video, Simone is behind the wheel reviewing the latest Hyundai Ioniq 5 and she runs us through some of the basics of what it’s like to drive EVs.

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Now the thing that we always mention as being very different is the instant torque that an electric car gives you.

Engine Specifications


Motor: Rear mounted driving rear wheels
Power: 150 kW
Torque: 350 Nm
All Electric Range: 450km WLTP
Battery Capacity: 72.6 kWh


Motor: Rear + front mounted
Power: 225 kW
Torque: 605 Nm
All Electric Range: 430km WLTP
Battery Capacity: 72.6 kWh

Regen braking is a means of slowing down the car or stopping it entirely by using resistance to charge the battery and not actually using the regular brakes. You can set the regen braking to the level you want by tapping the paddles or you can hold the paddle down in order to apply maximum regen braking.

Again just a short sweet video on driving the IONIQ 5. Make sure you check out Amelia’s full review of the IONIQ 5 for a more in-depth video.