CarTell.tv Video Presenter

I studied Journalism at Australia’s ‘poshest’ University, Bond. Don’t judge me for it!

I hate admitting this, but my brother is a new car salesman. I guess that’s why the ‘Motor Gods’ decided I would become an Automotive Journalist. Maybe to try to restore balance in the world and make things right again. My approach on how I review a car is about practicality and convenience, but that doesn’t mean style and design arent important.

My First Car

It was a Daewoo Lanos named “Ron Burgundy” (because it was burgundy in colour and I liked being able to say “see you later, Ron” when I would park and walk away from it. It cost me $1000, it had no working air conditioner which was terrible in summer on the Gold Coast but I still loved it because it was my first ever car!

What car did you go on your first date in?

The car I first ever went on a date in, was a Dodge Nitro. The date was as unappealing as the car…

What do you drive now?

I drive a Suzuki Swift , its the perfect size for me (as i am not the worlds finest Parker) and is amazing on petrol so haven’t wanted to part with it and don’t think I will for a while! I used to drive a Chrysler 300C which was a cool car but felt like I was driving a limousine so I’m glad I made the switch. Ps I need to name my Suzuki Swift still and am up for suggestions haha

Your dream car?

which is why I would have to say just for the pure fangirl basis that it would have to be a white 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440 Magnum. Watch those movies and you will understand why!

Recent Video Reviews Featuring Danni

2017 Kia Rio SLi

Danni refers to the Kia Rio as an ideal city car, given it’s focus on features and economy over performance. The SLi stands for the top trim level and it is what you get for the price of $23k Aussie dollars.

Suzuki Swift GLX Turbo

In this video Danni checks out the all new Suzuki Swift in the top trim Turbo GLX guise. The previous generation of Suzuki Swift was excellent (even Danni owned one). But this new 2017 Swift won’t disappoint.

2017 Kia Cerato Hatch S

Danni is reviewing the 2017 Kia Cerato. This generation of the car is obviously nearing its end, but Kia has made more than enough changes for the 2017 to make it compete with the best names in its class. Is it better than the i30?