The electric vehicle (EV) market is rapidly evolving, with more affordable options hitting the roads. One such contender is the MG4 EV, a car that’s not just turning heads but also offering a refreshing perspective on electric mobility. This review accompanies our comprehensive video on, where Jenny delves into what the MG4 brings to the table.

Exterior Design

The MG4 EV marks a departure from the typical MG design, infusing a modern aesthetic with practical aerodynamics. Its front fascia, with sharp design elements and an intricate headlight and daytime running lamp combo, is particularly striking. The side profile is sleek, featuring aerodynamic lines that flow seamlessly to the rear. Sitting low for a subcompact, it’s available on 17 or 18-inch alloys, depending on the trim. The rear LED light design, with its distinctive center light bar, adds a futuristic touch, though it’s a style we’re starting to see more frequently in EVs.

Drivetrain Options

The MG4 EV doesn’t just offer one-size-fits-all solutions. It provides a range of drivetrain options to suit various needs:

51 kWh Excite: Standard range with up to 350km (WLTP), 125 kW power, and 250 Nm of torque.
64 kWh Excite and Essence: Mid-range with approximately 450km (WLTP), 150 kW power, and 250 Nm of torque.
77 kWh Essence: Long range with up to 530km (WLTP), 180 kW power, and 350 Nm of torque.
These options cater to different driving styles, from urban commuting to more adventurous journeys.

Charge Times:

Charging times vary based on the battery size, with the 51 kWh battery charging in about 37 minutes at a 150 kW charger, the 64 kWh in 28 minutes, and the 77 kWh in 38 minutes. 


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Interior & Comfort

The MG4’s interior is a blend of minimalist design and technological functionality. Keyless start and a rotary gear selector emphasize convenience and modernity. The 7-inch driver display and 10.25-inch infotainment screen are vivid and user-friendly, though occasional glitches were noted. Front seats are comfortable for long drives, while rear seats offer decent headroom and a single USB charger, though surprisingly lack cup holders.

Safety Features

The MG4 comes packed with safety features, including a 360-degree camera. However, the absence of adaptive cruise control is a notable omission in its safety suite.

Pricing & Conclusion

Starting at $38,990 for the 51 kWh Excite model and going up to $55,990 for the top-tier 77 kWh Essence, the MG4 EV positions itself as an affordable option in the EV market.

The MG4 EV represents a significant step forward for MG, showcasing innovation and a keen understanding of consumer needs. While there are areas for refinement, particularly in software and some ergonomic aspects, the MG4 stands out as a worthy contender for those considering an EV purchase. It offers a well-rounded package that caters to different preferences and requirements in the growing EV market.