IT’S called the Rezvani Beast, but despite the name, it’s actually a thing of great beauty.

Goes like hell, though, hence the Beast tag.

Rezvani Motors was founded in Orange County, California in 2014, with a mission to create ‘the purest sports car driving experience on the market.’

All its vehicles, currently comprised of the Beast, Beast X, Beast Alpha and the radically different Tank SUV, are designed and built in the US.

The company is headed by Ferris_Rezvani, who aspired to follow in his dad’s footsteps to become a fighter pilot.

But though he mostly kept his feet on the ground, he aimed to build a car that would be as thrilling to drive as a F-4 fighter jet was to fly.

The Rezvani badge shows wings representing his roots in aviation and a steering wheel and racing stripes reflecting the brand’s sports-oriented dedication.

The Beast, which has a start price of $233,000 in Australian folding stuff, is a (very) lightweight, high-performance sports car, with world class styling.

The shape was largely penned by Samir Sadikhov, of Azerbaijan, who produced stunners such as the Aston Martin DBC concept and Ferrari Xezri, the latte the runner-up in the 2011 Ferrari World Design contest.

It has a carbon fiber body on a chromoly tubular chassis, a mass of barely 750kg and it can sprint from standstill to 100km/h in 2.9seconds.

The muscle comes from a 375kW 2.4litre inter-cooled Honda racing engine, further developed by the Rezvani team, and given deep lungs via a Rotrex supercharger.

A programmable dash displays the critical information for the driver and the 6-speed manual transmission has pre-programmed shift points and lights so the driver can get maximum power and torque from the motor.

Ergonomically designed seats and optional carbon fiber fitments provide body support and comfort for hours of driving.

Other features include advanced LED headlights and an exhaust note said to stir the soul.

There are six exterior and three interior colours to choose from, and quite a list of optional gear.

Manual shift is standard, but a six-speed sequential auto is available for an eye-watering US$15,000, adjustable suspension ($3500), carbon ceramic brakes ($8000), an Alpine audio system with Apple CarPlay ($2500) and items such as a carbon fibre steering wheel, hand-stitched leather floormats, and a machined gearshift knob.

The car looks and goes great in standard form and appears to dovetail with Rezvani’s claim that the Beast is one of the most extreme and reasonably- priced cars on the market today.