On the market since 2015, Kia Picanto is one of more popular microcars you can buy today. Small, nimble and affordable Picanto is a good choice for urban transportation due to its dimensions, diminutive power, and fuel economy. Despite being small, almost tiny compared to other cars on the road, Kia offers enough technology and features to make the Picanto a strong contender on the market. However, there are some things Kia didn’t implement in this model which could improve the product.


Engine Size: 1.25 Litre
Max. Power: 63kW @ 6000rpm
Max. Torque: 120Nm @ 4000rpm
Fuel Type: Petrol
Fuel Consumption: 5.3 L/100km
Transmission: 4 Speed Auto

You can not make the aesthetic revolution in this class of cars since their dimensions and price range puts strict boundaries on designer visions. But, Picanto managed to get a fresh and modern look which is recognisable and sets itself apart from the competitors like Toyota Yaris, for example. The overall impression is positive, and you can call this little car pretty with its big headlights and oversized front bumper. The back is simple with modern shaped rear lights and roof spoiler.

2016 Kia Picanto Si Auto
Kia Picanto Drive
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In the front of the new Picanto, there is a modern 1.25 litre four cylinder engine with multipoint fuel injection which delivers 63 kW (85 bhp). A small displacement of the engine means good fuel economy, and Kia promises that the new Picanto uses only 5.3 litres of gasoline per 100 kilometres. However, since the engine is small you have to rev it pretty high to get wanted power, and peak power is obtained at 6000 rpm. The peak torque (120 Nm) is available at 4000 rpm which is still high but it is quite understandable for the engine this size. You certainly won’t win any stoplight races in the Picanto but that is not what the car is for.

2017 Kia Picanto 2
kia picanto cup holders

Same as the exterior, the interior of the Picanto is simple and pleasant. There is nothing unexpected there, but the design and ergonomics are good with clear dashboard and easy to read instrument panel. The quality of materials is good and the interior is well made. Kia offers Picanto in only one trim level (Si) nicely equipped with power windows, radio CD player with 4 speakers, steering wheel-mounted controls, Bluetooth connectivity for phone, manual air-conditioning, and a trip computer. The trip computer display on the center console is a little bit outdated but it has all the information you need. Basically, as a Picanto owner, you have everything you need in everyday city driving available in just one trim level with only one engine and transmission, so all you can choose is the color. Interestingly, cruise control is not available on this model.

The trunk space is a somewhat small with just 200 l. of available space. You can not expect much from vehicle in this class but 200 liters is smaller compared to some competitors. However, rear seats can be folded forward giving you the maximum of 600 liters.

Despite the size, Picanto has a maximum ANCAP 5-star safety rating with six airbags with the host of electronic systems to keep you safe and on the road. Besides the ABS, there is EBD, BA, TCS, ESC, VSM and even HAC (Hill-start Assist Control) as standard equipment. This means that the small Picanto is as safe as many of bigger and more expensive cars, and it is good to know that Picanto uses four-wheel disc brakes (while some competitors still have drum brakes) which ensures that this car stops as you wish and without any problems.

Kia Picanto Interior

As far as microcars go, the new Kia Picanto is one of the best offerings on the market. It is very practical, nicely equipped and perfect for the city with good driving characteristics, and it is aimed at younger buyers. Of course, this car isn’t without its flaws but if you can live with a little bit smaller trunk, automatic transmission, and outdated central display, you should definitely consider Picanto since it is very affordable and gives you lots of value for your money.