This article takes a quick, and not so exclusive look into one of the most talked about cars on the planet right now. The 2013 Lamborghini Veneno. It’s a car that once you think about it long enough, you wanna say it like a real Italian. You gotta roll the R’s, and puff up your chest with pride, and such. I’m just kidding, but nevertheless it’s a pretty hot car.


Anyway, let’s get into this sci-fi experiment of sorts shall we? So, for most of us car nuts out there in the world, we know of the name that is Lamborghini. The Murcielago, the Countach, and the Aventador, these are names that have been demanding the attention of car lovers for years now, and they decided to add another  name to that highly coveted group. Veneno. Sounds like a type of pasta doesn’t it? Well, according to Google, the name Veneno is derived from the Spanish word, “poison, or venom”, but the historians over at Lamborghini have stated, that the name was used for some of Spain’s most powerful bulls of the time. So it’s pretty safe to say that this car was purposely built to strike a blow at the other Hypercar manufacturers out there. Speaking of which, who has the Veneno been directly pitted with? The McClaren P1, Ferrari’s LaFerrari model, and whom else should this car pick a fight with? Well the Veyron is in the same family group as the Veneno, but there are a few other contenders to go after. Like the Huayra, and the new Spyker B6 Venator have a little something to say about this new rival. Hypercar Series

OK, so we’ve gotten the introduction out of the way, now let’s get to what this car is made of, and go over some specs for a moment. First off, the 2013 Veneno is still a concept car, which means it’s official badge build number is #0. Meaning that, in order for this car to be officially launched, and then built for a seldom few rich & lucky bastards, the fan fair around this car has to be astronomical. Lamborghini has already nailed the 2025 futuristic racing look for the car, now they need to capitalize on everything else. As it stands now, the Veneno was built with a 6.5L V12 engine that is pushing out a modest 750hp, or 552Kw of power. The torque specs sound even better than the power numbers. How does 801Nm of torque grab you? Not enough? OK, how about if I told you that the Veneno only weighs in at 1,450 kilograms, and that it has achieved a 0 – 60mph time in about 2.8 seconds. How’s that for a serious numbers game?

Some of the more serious Lamborghini officianados have noticed that the Veneno has a less power than the Aventador, and it’s previous models, but the overall design aspect of the car, seems to make people not worry about the power of it at all. The Veneno was basically hand crafted out of some the finest, and most durable Carbon Fiber obtained by one company. The materials that were used in this car, are all pretty much visible to the naked eye. There’s no hiding, or melding, or small patches of Carbon Fiber, that you need to look for, it’s all right in your face. From the massive, bigger than life itself rear wing, all the way down to the one piece Carbon Fiber wheels, that were designed not only for looks, but also cooling purposes. Hypercar

Like in all of the Lamborghinis over the past years, the air duct inlets have been getting bigger, and bigger with every model. This Veneno is no exception to that rule. The style of this car would be described as beauty, and style, meets form, and function. Let’s keep it real folks, this is a car that Megatron wish he could transform into. The headlights, the massive air ducts, the smooth lines that lead your eyes into getting cut by the sharpest of edges. This car is a veritable beast, when it comes down to what it looks like. Another fine point to notice is the fact that it’s so low to the ground. This car will not, and can not be driven where side walks, and railways coexist. If this car makes it to some small string of production, I’m about 85% positive that the first person to get one, is a Sheik in Abu Dhabi. Real Talk. I mean if you think about it, only one of those guys can afford the potentially heart stopping, jaw dropping price tag of $4.7 Million dollars. (Why does that sound like a number that the Arch Nemesis of Austin Powers would ask for?)


OK, now that we’ve stopped laughing for a second, let’s wrap this show up shall we? The 2013 Lamborghini Veneno, a car that looks like nothing else on the planet. Not even it’s own siblings. (Jealous much?) It has smallest power plant of the Lambo family. (Really, as if that mattered.) It still seats two people, it’s made from Carbon Fiber, and other materials that are not allowed in breast implants. Three’s no trunk, no cup holders, probably no radio, and a rear view mirror doesn’t exist either, because that FIA Championship wing secured that deal. And to wrap it all up, you have to down 1500mg of Aspirin before you sign your life away for a car that costs over $4 Million dollars. Did I miss anything? Oh yes, let’s not forget about Lamborghini’s 50 years of heritage, and pride that comes along with those keys. Hypercar

Not for nothing folks, it may sound like I’m throwing digs at this car, but here’s the truth of it all. Not many of us can afford this car, and having it as a screen saver is all that we may know of the car. All this is, is a funnier reality check about an amazing car that has a long journey ahead of itself, let alone ever finding itself in an American garage. There are quite a few more steps in the process of becoming a collector’s dream, let alone yours. (I heard Jay Leno got dibs on #1!!) So stay tuned for the next installment, and Thanks for Reading.