In this article I look once again at a set, or a small group of cars that have been in the news as of late, and are shaking the Hell out of computer background screens everywhere. Our subject today will be the Hypercar. The name by itself makes you kind of wonder what would in the world were they thinking when they made these cars?

So it seems that as time has gone by, and man’s insatiable urge to go faster, and faster has Cartell.tvlead him to pursue, what seems like a never ending goal of speed. Now we already know that there have been countless land speed records that have been created, made, and then broken year in, and year out. So what does the manufacturers do when they have a few extra million dollars laying around, and a land speed record on the salt flats aren’t good enough? You hand it over to the design team, and tell them to keep their mouths shut while they create the next expensive land missile to grace the roads of this planet. You tell them to build a Hypercar.  So, we know that since it’s birth, and then sudden invasion to the world Godzilla (GTR) has been the Alpha & Omega of the tuning world. A $100,000 car from Japan that has done nothing more than get better with age, all the while quietly removing the Bugatti Veyron, and others like it from existence. This notion did not spell the end for Godzilla, not at all. It just meant that the Italians, the German, the Dutch, everyone who has been stashing money since the end of the Cold War, has now been surfacing with cars that are now stretching beyond the realms of reality, and simple functionality.

So the cars in question that make up the Hypercar sector? Well there’s the McCLaren P1, there’s the ultra sexy LaFerrari, by Ferrari. And keeping it simple is the Lamborghini Veneno. These 3 monsters of design, and technology have been created for the sole purpose of bragging rights. I mean, let’s keep it real for a second shall we? Besides the Autobahn, where in the Hell would you even drive these cars, and then put them through their paces? I really can’t fathom too many people taking their $4.7 million dollar Lambo to a track for some Hot Lap action. Here’s the other thing I noticed about one of these cars. One of them is a hybrid. Yep, a hybrid. The “LaFerrari” Hypercar, is using some new type of HYKERS Hybrid system, that Cartell.tvwill extend your drive time, as you flog it about on the streets like some well dressed Hoonigan, who’s hoped up on too many Starbucks Espressos.

All I know is, the Average Joe can’t afford these cars, and they will remain as computer screen backgrounds, and Instagram like targets. All of these creation seem to beg the question, if we’ve gone faster than Supercars, Cartell.tvand now we are building Hypercars, what could really be next for the automotive industry?