Hello, and once again welcome to another thrilling segment of automotive news on Cartell.tv. Here we gather, and then share some of what’s hot, and what’s not about the auto industry. Today we are going to profile three new concepts, that will either make it to market, or just look good driving around on video. So let’s get to our first candidate shall we?

Off-road & Beyond

Cartell.tv Our first concept was thought off back in 2011, and was a proud member of the German military army, and it seems that over the past few years, it has raised enough eyebrows to warrant a production discussion among the CEO’s of Mercedes Benz. The vehicle in question is the is the 2013 Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6×6. Yes that’s right, 6 by 6 people. So, as I mentioned before this beast was a military spec people carrier, and like the HUMVEE of America, it too had a following strong enough for us to actually care about it. So look at the specs on this monster. Cost: well over $330k. Horsepower will be provided by a dual turbo-charged 5.5L V8 engine that’s cranking out 405Kw of power, and over 760Nm of torque. Let it be known, that all of that power, and torque is being delivered to a 7 speed transmission which in turn is linked to 5 differentials that can lock up all 6 wheels at the same time. Ride comfort comes via the typical Mercedes Benz G-Wagon luxury, which has been coupled with over 18 inches of suspension travel, and 37 inch tall tires. To put it mildly folks, this is the new HUMVEE from Germany, so deal with it.

Topless Is Always Better

Cartell.tvSo we all know of the Scion FR-S, aka the Subaru BRZ, aka the Toyota FT-86 (In Japan) as one of 2013’s hottest driver’s rides. So, as time has gone by, and the tuner world has found, and created body kits, wings, and wheel combinations for this lovely model, the initial drawing of a topless version of this car has finally made it to the real world. Low, and behold the brand new Toyota FT-86 Open Concept will be making its way around the world pretty soon, and potentially into driveways soon after. As it is speculated, the power plant will remain the same, unless the rumors of a turbo-charged version of the car might come to fruition. Who knows, it’s still up in the air as far as a lot of details are concerned, but nevertheless a concept like this one has a greater chance of making it to the assembly line than most others.

Three Wheels & A New Motor.

Cartell.tv How many of you know of my favorite motorcycle company, Compagna? These are the people who made a trike that created a following like none other. The big deal about the T-Rex is that, it has two wheels in the front, and one in the rear. So what’s the big deal now you ask? Well apparently, the original T-Rex came equipped with a 1.4L In-line four cylinder engine that would move this car/bike from 0 to 60 in about 3.9 seconds or so. Now for 2013 Compagna has coupled up with BMW, and found a way to drop in a 1.6L in-line six cylinder engine that will provide more power, and torque to that massively wide rear wheel. No real power specs have been announced as of yet, but we expect that this vehicle will be running the roads sooner than we think.

So stay tuned for the next segment, and until then, be safe, and Bazinga!!!! Cartell.tvCartell.tv