Back Into The Thick Of Things. In the last segment we looked at Lamborghini’s newest entry into the Hypercar world, and how the world has been buzzing about it’s looks, and potentially heart stopping sticker price. There are two other cars that have been in the news as of late, and they are the 2014 McClaren P1, and the 2014 LaFerrari. Two pieces of majestic vehicular artistry that have been created to tantalize, mesmerize, and hit you were it hurts when you realize that you’ll never be able to afford one.

Let’s begin by looking at the 2014 McClaren P1. McClaren has been a name that has been circumventing the globe for many, many years now, and they have done Cartell.tvnothing more than simply amaze us with their beautifully stunning cars that just seem to captivate the little boy in us all. The P1 is no exception to that rule. The curvaceous wheel arches, to the very wide, and eye catching front fascia, all the way back to where that perfectly placed engine resides. The P1 for what it’s worth is like nothing else on the road today. You may be able to compare it to many other cars, but you would be hard pressed to find something that drives, and feels just like it. Well at least until Jeremy Clarkson get’s his hands on one, and then figures out, how to have a three way affair between himself, the P1, and the LFA.

The 2014 McClaren P1, like the other Hypercars in it’s sector Cartell.tvwas built from an extreme diet of Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, and some other very light weight metals that found their way into the chassis, and body work of this awesome looking car. In designing the P1, visibility was one of the prime factors that needed to be considered when someone would be driving this car. In other exotic cars, the driver’s view of the road became increasingly less, and less as designs changed. This would not happen to the P1. Like it’s much older sibling the F1, a driver’s view, of the road, and how he/she controls it, would not be sacrificed. Power for the P1 comes by means of a duo of motors that have been hand crafted, to work in unison all day, everyday. The main engine is a 3.8L, twin turbo charged V8, that has been made to only work with an electric motor that is placed at a very low, and stable location in the car. The combination of the two motors, provides over 900hp, or 673Kw of power to the wheels. The Cartell.tvtorque numbers are just as high. 900Nm, or 663ft lbs of gut wrenching, asphalt ripping torque is available, at just the stomp of the loud pedal. With the assistance of the electric motor, the P1 can achieve a 0 to 100 KPH time in under 3 seconds, and if that weren’t enough, you can reach a blistering 300kph in under 17 seconds. Talk about watching your life flash by in a few heartbeats. The McClaren P1 is a vehicle that has been built for the sole purpose of moving fast. But the bad thing is, is that fast isn’t fast enough for the P1. Silky smooth lines, and tremendous power do nothing but entice the mind to push the realms of temptation, where the body’s limits just might not be able to handle what’s going on around it. Like any other McClaren that has been built, this P1, will be a definite game changer when it comes down to Hypercar comparisons.

A powerful combo one petrol, and one electric motor.

For what it’s worth the 2014 McClaren P1 is something that rivals some of the world’s best historic paintings, in a sense that there a few of them, but they are worth millions. The average car guru could go on for hours about the design, the characteristics, and the structure of this great car, but why bother with that when all you really want is the meat & potatoes of the story. Get to the point, sell it hard, and make them want more. This is what the P1 truly signifies. A bread & butter story of greatness that doesn’t sit in your face all year long, but then pops up to smack some life back into your heart when everything is else has just been plain, and boring. McClaren has yet again made something that will be cherished by millions of drivers, car lovers, designers, and of course Jay Leno. Let’s just sit back, and enjoy the view while there’s something for us to see. Because you see, when it comes down to McClaren, and the way they build cars, you’ll never see the next hit coming. BOOM!! Thanks for Reading