ford_falcon_conv_artThe Ford Falcon, one of Australia’s most well known cars on the roads today. The Falcon has a very long, and dignified history that precedes any of today’s current models. For the most part there’s a solid fifty years of engineering, design, and hard work that has gone into making the Ford Falcon what it is today. With that said, why are we here at this junction? For what purpose do you, as the consumer need to read this review? Because you as a conscientious consumer needs a car that will not only be a reliable vehicle for you, and whomever will be lucky enough to ride along with you, but you also want something tangible. You want a car that will inspire you in ways that you may not have even known to exist. You want a Ford Falcon.

As I mentioned before, the Ford Falcon is a car that has a long history behind it, and that history needs to be respected, but we are not here for that. We are here to go over a few key points on why a Ford Falcon is the ideal car to own. Points like, it’s powerful engine that demands to be heard (Depending on trim level) when you drive down the roads with it. Its very solid drive train, and braking system that does everything to hold onto roads, so that you as a potential driver wont have to worry about it. There’s also the point of the Ford Falcon having one of the most comfortable, and yet manageable interiors in a car today, and surely lets not forget the exterior styling that’s always been an eye catching feature.

You average Ford Falcon starts a price of around $41,300 dollars, and that price refers to the low end Falcon XT model. Ford-FG_Falcon_XT_2008_800x600_1This model comes with slight variations of a standard inline 6 cylinder motor which would achieve anywhere from 156kW to 195kW, (261hp) and once again depending on the trim level you would be looking at around 391Nm (288ft lbs of torque). Now if you are the type of person who desires a lot more power under your right foot, then the Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo is the top of the line model you would definitely need to get your hands on. The XR6 Turbo also performs outstandingly well with the same inline 6 cylinder engine, as it’s lower ranked siblings, but with some minor modifications coupled with a moderately sized turbo-charged system the power output jumps to 270kW, (361hp) and 533Nm (393lb ft of torque.) These numbers a very impressive to say the least, and contrary to popular belief the fuel consumption is way more than tolerable. In either one of these cars, you wont find yourself at the petrol station more often than you please.

Ford-FG_Falcon_XR8_2008_800x600_1To move onto the interior of the Ford Falcon, you are in complete control of how you want to the inside of your Falcon to look. Mind you the options are kind of limited, but that will not stop you from still looking like a million bucks. Pretty much the main choices are a cloth interior where you can pick from a few colors, or an all leather ensemble that is accented with semi contrasting trim pieces. The driver’s cabin, or area so to speak is very well laid out. The driver will either be utilizing a manual gear shifter, like the standard shifter that most people are used to, or there’s the option of the sequential shifter, which happens to be a bit more user friendly in some cases. I make this statement, on the premise that, a person who wants the power of their car to be under their control, but simply cannot wrap their minds around how to manage three pedals, the sequential shifter helps save their piece of mind. Gone are the days where you need to be looked upon as a nobody because you didn’t know how to move from second gear to third. A simple tap of the shifter, and you now can control how much power you may need at any given moment. Sweet.

To wrap things up on this somewhat informative review, we need to address the exterior of the Falcon. In just about all of the trims, the same colors are available to the average driver. Red, White, Silver, Yellow seem to be the standard colors that are readily available for you to choose from. Personally I would go with Black, and I say this because Black holds the shape of the Falcon a whole lot better than the rest of the colors. Black makes the Falcon look like an all encompassing type of vehicle. Very subtle, and understated in the daytime, but stealthy, and sexy at night. This would be the car your kids would beg to be picked up in, making you the coolest parent in the world, and who doesn’t want that?

Ford-FG_Falcon_Ute_XR6_Turbo_2008_1I leave you wit this thought. The Ford Falcon is a car that provides it’s driver with that unmatched capability to shine like no other on the road. It enables a level of confidence that can only be surpassed by Falcon with fewer miles on it. This car is the one thing that, once you’ve gotten in one, and started driving, you will ask yourself the question, “What took me so long to buy this car?” So, now do you understand why you want a Ford Falcon? I do.