What is big, powerful, smooth to the touch, and women everywhere want to do nothing more than wrap their fingers all Bentley-Continental_GT_Speed_Convertible_2014_800x600_5around it? Get your mind out of the gutter mate, this isn’t a Viagra commercial. We’re talking about the 2014 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible.

Hello Ladies.......

Hello Ladies…….

Well first off, sorry about the intro fellas, but I needed to get your attention one way or another. Now, the 2014 Bentley Continental GT Speed is pure personification of everything glamorous, and posh, mixed with a little bite of Kick in the Ass power. We are pretty much familiar with the big bodied look of the Bentley. The large, and somewhat phallic front end just draws the eyes into a constant state of amazement. This particular model is no different. The chairman of Bentley wanted this car to follow in the footsteps of Bentley’s newest racing model, and by doing so lay waste to all who dare to try to compare themselves to it.

Let’s begin our journey with the power plant. The world renown W12 motor once again finds it way under the hood, and with it some staggering numbers to listen to. The 6.2L Twin Turbo charged W12 produces 459Kw of power whilst the All Wheel Drive electronically controlled gearbox, thunders out 800Nm of peak torque. It can be said that Volkswagen engines always make a ton of torque to the wheels. In the 2014 GT Speed, all of the power is smoothly delivered to the ground via a newly developed 8 speed transmission. The new gearbox allows for a top speed of 325km/h, a 0-100 km/h time of 9.2 seconds, and a much improved fuel consumption while some spirited driving is had.

Inside of this lovely convertible, you’ll be pleased to find something that you rarely come across in luxury exotic Bentley-Continental_GT_Speed_Convertible_2014_800x600_4convertibles of this caliber, two completely functional rear seats. Making this on of the only four seat convertibles that can travel over 325km/h. Plush leather seating entice the mind and soul to remain in constant contact with all that the Bentley offers. In this particular model, the technology almost trumps the supple bolstered seats that keep the driver firmly in place.

A fierce looking center console consisting of everything that you might find in a Crutchfield catalog, sprinkled with a little Bespoke Best Buy action, and you are in business. At your fingertips you will find simple, but effective point of interest Sat-Nav mapping functions, Blutooth, Ipod, MP3 capabilities, and an optional 6 disc CD changer for those who aren’t fully in tune with this millennium. All of this is wrapped in either a Carbon Fiber, or wood finish, depending on the taste of the driver. Just be fore warned, that your ears will have to make the ultimate decision on whether to listen to music, or the raspy soundtrack brought to you by none other than, the W12 itself.

Bentley-Continental_GT_Speed_Convertible_2014_800x600_2Being that this is a convertible, Bentley made sure that you as a driver would be able to drive topless year round. They achieved this goal by adding a few smaller items. Heated front seats, warm your rump, and back, while built in neck warmers keep you hotter than a date with Monica Bellucci. The angled windscreen allows for travel at very high speeds wit the top down, so the cold air won’t even get a chance to touch the free flowing locks on your head.

Lastly, Bentley sealed and completed the look of this marvelous looking car by adding a set of 21 inch race inspired wheels. Assuring any driver that control is not a problem, but finding a road for you to pull 300km/h on just might be. For this new model Bentley never openly reveals the pricing for a vehicle of this magnitude, but if you had to guess at it, I would say the price will float a little north of $225,000 dollars. This is one of those times where you should have left good enough alone, and enjoy what you have in front of you. (You can close your mouths now.) Thank for reading.