FordPerformanceLogoIn recent news, FPV, Ford’s Australian automotive distributor, announced that they would be launching a newer, and more attractive looking Falcon for 2014. In the past years sales for the Falcon lineup have been way lower than expected, and has led to the company potentially closing doors in certain departments of the Falcon line.

For the most part, Ford is looking into utilizing some styling cues from a concept vehicle that was speculated to be the Ford-Evos_Concept_2011_1next 2015 Mustang. Around mid 2012 Ford had come up with a design that had jaws hitting the floor, and auto bloggers buzzing. The Evos Hybrid Coupe was slated to be Ford’s next big thing as far as stylish, four door hybrid coupes were concerned. With that in mind, we have already seen how some of the Evos’ looks have been borrowed and then implanted into the 2012/2013 Fusion, 2013 Fiesta, and 2013 Focus.

So with the success of the American lineup, and the Evos Hybrid Concept still sitting on PC wallpapers everywhere, Ford now wants to apply some of this good fortune to their Falcon line. It’s still up in the air on how the new Falcon will come out looking in 2014. For now, Ford is trying to stay away from the typical “Re-badged” look on a car, but is leaning more towards a overall redesign of the car as whole. The mid section of the car will probably remain the same, but the front & rear fascias will see some change. Another bit of auto puffery, is the rumor of the Falcon losing it’s RWD, and becoming a slightly Bad Ass version of the American Taurus. (This

Would It Be So Bad If The New 2014 Falcon Looked Like This?

Would It Be So Bad If The New 2014 Falcon Looked Like This?

wouldn’t be that bad, but I don’t know. What do you think?)

Some of the interior bits will carry over in the near future, but most importantly, what the real men are worrying about is the power. There will be a 2.0L Ecoboost engine that will signify the baseline. Then there will be a sourced inline 6 cylinder engine for the mid-range cars, and then finally a V8 will find it’s way into the engine bays of the pricier models. A strong possibility of bringing back the XR8, or FPV Falcon can be in order for Ford Lovers.

Now this may sound pretty good, but there’s a bit of bad news that’s coming with this. Due to the slump in sales, and steady declining lack of interest in the line Ford may start outsourcing the Falcons. In other words, by 2016 Falcons may no longer be built in Australia. This decision has not been written in blood so to speak, but the final choice will be determined on how well the next Falcon model is accepted in FPV-GT-E_2008_800x600_1the streets of Australia. All I know is, Ford needs to step up their game if they don’t want anymore of the loyal fans falling into the opens arms of Holden.