Mad Max Replica Ford FalconThis one, right here is for all of my Aussie fans out there whose hearts still pump with the blood of the Mighty Blue Oval. Yes, all of you Ford fans out there need to open, your eyes and ears for this one.

For those of you who don’t normally keep up with goings on of Ebay, may have already missed out on owning a piece of Australian Automotive History, or at least an extremely close replication of it. Apparently there’s an automotive company that specializes in car customization to the point where they have finished replicating the world renown, 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Pursuit Special from the movie Mad Max. Yes, the very one and the same car, that all of us men have The Beast. The 1973 Ford Falcon Special Pursuit normally drooled over whenever it was in camera shot.

This car is simply iconic. One of the only other Ford’s that could stand tire to tire with the Falcon would be the Boss 302 Mustang that was featured in the movie Bullet, which was driven by Steve McQueen. But here she is, once again in all her glory, sitting there just waiting to be snapped up, by an honest to goodness , die hard Mad Max fan who has the balls to stand up to his wife, and go ahead and buy this beauty. Because as it stands now, the Falcon is currently up for sale by an unnamed private seller on for a mere $105,000 dollars. (Well that seller might be waiting for a bit, due to the economy isn’t terribly flowing with money right now.)

Anyway the spec sheet on the 1973 Ford Falcon XB Gt replica is a pretty long one, so I’ll give you someThe 383 Stroker Power Plant of the basics, and then you’ll just have to click on the link above to see what’s inside the Falcon.  For starters, you have a custom rebuild of the Falcon that took place in 2010. The motor is a 383 Stroker which is mated to manual 5 speed gearbox, clutch, pressure plate, and a tremec reconditioned differential. The interior is done in leather, with TV’s in the headrests, CD, MP3, stereo head unit, amplifier, and subs for all of your listening pleasures. New replica Falcon wheels, and even the 295 BF Goodridge tyres were sourced to hold this baby to the ground. Finally, the all Black Gloss paint work was laid on the the complete replica Falcon Coupe Pursuit Special body kit. This car is so so cherry, it’s simply unbelievable. If not for anything go to Ebay, and just relive some of those memories of watching the Circa 1973 Falcon Interior.Falcon tear down the highway at Max Speed, just to catch some raggedy punk on a put together POS bike that needed to be destroyed anyway. So go ahead, and take a trip down memory lane, just make sure you’re not holding the credit card in your hand when you go walkies.