ted boul hosnNow that we are officially in 2013, it’s about time to find a car that’s capable in more ways than one, to talk about. With the buzz around the new Corvette Stingray stating do die down, we at Cartell.tv wanted to find a car that would provide two important factors to us. One wold be, it’s a car that we can actually see driving around Sidney on a semi regular basis, and two, it can handle just about all of our roads, and what they have to offer.

The car that’s in the spotlight today is, 2013 Subaru Forester XT. This new Forester has embodied the word new for 2013. From the exterior design, to the spacious interior, all the way to the motor, and chassis. Nothing about this car is remotely similar to the outgoing Forester model.

The 2013 Forester has been extended a bit to now accommodate all of that award winningcartell.tv Subaru safety, and power features. But before we get into the safety aspect, let’s visit the exterior of the car for a moment. With a bold, and slightly angular fascia, the Forester has a face that means business. Just behind the eye catching grille beats on of Subaru’s world famous 4 cylinder turbo charged Boxer engines. This year’s model outputs 177Kw of power, and 350Nm of peak torque. In the top of the line trim, you will find all of that Subaru power is firmly connected to a brand new CVT, that’s also delivering all of those 350Nm of torque to the ground. Subaru’s all wheel drive system is very much capable of leaving the tame paved roads, and having a romp on some loose gravel, or dirt. All around the 2.0L Boxer engine averages about 8.9l /100km whether you’re having a lazy trip to the market, or a quick sprint to a catch a movie that you’re running late for.

cartell.tvThe interior of the 2013 Forester has been lengthened slightly, the driver’s position was raised by 32mm, and the center console was reshaped to allow for much better access from the driver, or front passenger. The illuminated LED gauge cluster is filled with more than enough information that ensures the driver that all things with the car are fine, and if not there’s a light for that. The cabin of the Forester is all business, with it’s high quality, water and stain resistant cloth seating. The rear seating allows for 3 adults, but I wouldn’t recommend it, or 3 children. I wouldn’t recommend that either, especially if you’re going on a very long trip. The rear seats fold flat to extend the cargo space from 422 litres, up to a cavernous 1457 litres. The rear hatch opens wide, and tall for easy access to the rear when loading, unloading packages.

This new XT model comes with a plethora of amenities for one to be glad to have access to. Items such as ABS braking, that now comes with a brake distribution feature. Subaru’s Eyesight function that acts as an early warning impact detection system. There are at least 8 standard airbags that protect, your head, upper body, and knees now. There’s also a rear cartell.tvfacing camera for assistance in parking situations, and an additional option would be the automatic power lift gate.

Now, as far as it has been announced, Subaru has plans on selling the 2013 Forester next month in the beginning of February throughout it’s Australian dealerships. Pricing will range from $30,900 2.0i Forester, and climb up $50,490 for the 2.0 XT Premium. These prices do not include on roads, so you will just have to visit the dealership for that bit of information. So until February rolls around the corner, keep looking to Cartell.tv for more news on all things automotive.