BMW 4 Series Coupe ConceptNow as far we know, BMW has been secretly designing this car as the go between the 3 & 5 Series, respectively. I mean the name says it all, and with that said what makes this car that much more special then any other car on their already fabulous line?

This new 4 Series BMW shares its platform with current 3 Series models, but the similarities pretty much stop there. The styling of the car alone are simply out of this world. The BMW design team took aggressive lines, and angular cues from the 5, 6, & 7 Series cars. The front fascia is seriously sinister with its full LED lighting treatment, and newly designed, and slightly futuristic “Angel Eyes”. A more pronounced grille sits atop a much more aggressive lower bumper. This version will most likely be nothing more than a test bed for all of the good things that we as BMW fans want to happen.

As you move towards the back of the car you will notice how the roof line is no longer defined by the rear glass. The smooth, and almost never ending curvature of the roof just begs for water, or anything slippery to fall on it. The 2013 Coupe 4 Series BMWrear of the car has these new taillights that are a blend of 7 Series, and concept car of the year 2020. The lower bumpers are now fully reformed while they neatly house the molded exhaust tips that seem to disappear the longer you stare at it. If you notice that this concept model looks a lot longer, than any of the current 3 Series models, and BMW did this on purpose to help the car in the agility department.

Interior wise, not much has been disclosed, but what we do know is that, the interior is die for. Plush leather treatment adorns the entire cabin, while hints of Aluminum trim pieces catch the eyes, as they contrast the overall color palette. The concept model is wrapped in a Milk Chocolate Brown leather, with Gray paneling in specific areas of the cabin. An 8” pop up touch screen monitor rises from the top of the dash console, where it seems to be slightly out of reach for the driver, but all of the driver’s controls are located either on the steering wheel, or on the dash below.

2013 BMW 4 Series Coupe ConceptFor what it’s worth this new concept is a stunning work of art, and technology that begs to be made into a production vehicle. BMW simply needs to stop messing about, and produce this car as it stands, and not dumb it down. If that happens, expect to see many 3 Series driver’s looking to trade up a notch.