Formula One cars run on Pirelli tyres and make quite a sound — you, too, can now get sound of a different kind if you invest in a P Zero Sound speaker.

It’s a new Bluetooth speaker based on a half-size replica of the famous Italian tyre manufacturer’s P Zero racing tyres used by F1 teams on the half-size model cars they use for aerodynamic wind-tunnel testing.

The smoothest possible air flow is vital in F1’s quest for optimal performance – and  tyres are very much part of the scene.

Created in partnership with Italian audio company iXoost and called the Pirelli P Zero Sound, it’s just the job for the study, garage or boardroom of any motorsport tragic.

The system is made by Modena-based iXoost, known for its perfectionism and  passion for quality.

Just as the racing teams use different tyres for various track and weather conditions, the speakers come in nine different colours.

There’s Yellow (soft), Pink (hypersoft), Orange (superhard), Red (supersoft) , Purple (ultrasoft), Ice Blue (hard), White (medium), Blue (wet), or Green (intermediate).

The 1:2 scale tyre speaker has a 100W digital signal processor, 100mm midwoofer and 25mm tweeter.

Bluetooth 4.0 lets it connect wirelessly to a variety of audio devices.

Pirelli is supplying the speakers to F1 teams to use in their garages. that suggests fans will get an eye and earful at the next Grand Prix, scheduled for the end of August, at Spa, and then for the remainder of the 2018 racing season.

But you’d probably want one for yourself?

Like the famed tyres, they’re not exactly cheap.

Think close on $4000 in Australian money.

Alternatively, you can go to a department store and opt for something price-matched to the el cheapo wheels on your jalopy.

But it won’t have the right badge, quality or prestige of a company founded in 1872 and known not only for its superior tyres but also for its annual picture calendar and cultural contributions to art.

Nor will it have the grip of the Pirelli speaker which, at 330mm in diameter and 200mm deep, should fit anywhere.