A short while back we reviewed the Hyundai Nexo, the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to be available in Australia. Well, now we have some additional info.

The power rating stands at 135 kW and 395 Nm and it is all delivered to the front wheels. The system gives the Nexo 666 km of range under the WLTP cycle and refueling lasts about 5 minutes. Hyundai also announced they will be adding more hydrogen fuel stations.

For now, there is only one trim level and it includes loads of kit. Safety is also at a high level, including things like forwarding autonomous emergency braking, reverse autonomous emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot monitoring, blind spot collision avoidance, lane keep assist, 360 camera, and adaptive cruise control.

In other news, Mazda is adding several electric cars to Australia in variations of the MX-30. We’ve heard of all EVs and the mild hybrid, but there will apparently also be one with a range-extending engine a bit later. A somewhat controversial engine.

The current electric MX-30 has a range of up to 224 km which isn’t anything special.

The range extender adds a rotary engine that will not push the wheels but rather serve as a generator to add juice to the battery when needed.