The concept of the Toyota FT86 was unveiled in 2009 and has been creating mass excitement ever since. With a huge hype spreading throughout Australia on the characteristics that the FT86 will have, there is the possibility that the new Toyota FT86 could become one of the stand-out cars of 2012. With the release of the new car being just months away the anticipation is at a high.


The FT86 has a magnificent exterior design, which won it most beautiful sports car of the year, so it is no surprise that it has caught a lot of people’s attention. The design leaves a suave impact on all those who set eyes on it; there is elegance combined with an appealing touch of masculinity to the sleek design of the car. The shape of the vehicle is not only aesthetically pleasing but an aerodynamic dream, as the body is designed to greatly reduce air resistance. This therefore allows the handling of the car to be smooth and enjoyable while aiding in fuel efficiency. The shape of the headlights create an intimidating allure that emphasises the mean, yet sporty look that Toyota desired to achieve. While the exterior of the FT86 may appeal to some, there is always the chance that the highly rumoured design of the new car may be regarded as a hit and miss to others. The spoiler at the back of the car serves the purpose of improving speed, which also adds a smooth and stylish finish to the new FT86.


The interior is much smaller in comparison to many other Toyota cars but without doubt upholds the high class design. A stylish and sporty theme is created throughout the inside of the car with a black roof and the unique use of red stitching on the steering wheel. This flash of elegant colour creates a designer and upmarket feel. The meters and other electronic items inside the car are large, allowing easier readability and practicality, particularly when driving at higher speeds. The pedals are aluminium and the gauges all have red lights which create an attractive sense of style and appeal.The FT86 has a navigation system which fits perfectly into the dark dashboard, and seats that have been designed to provide great comfort to both the driver and passegners. The Toyota FT86 provides both sporty style and luxurious comfort throughout its interior design.

The engine has been fitted with the newest and best technology. The combination of both direct injection and port injection produce a powerful engine so that the capacity of the engine can match the fierce image created by the beautiful exteriour design of the car. Thanks to separate twin injectors the FT86 is fuel efficient and environmentally friendly at the same time. It is no surprise there has been great hype and discussion around the characteristics of this new Toyota sports car. There were great expectations on the FT86 however it is anticipated that the Toyota designers will not have disappointed with this highly attractive car that fulfills and exceeds many of the wanted aspects when selecting a powerful sports car.

We will be video reviewing the new Toyota FT86. Tell us what you want to see?