Hyundai is about to launch a subcompact EV that will be a game-changer. Chevy preview the new 2022 Bolt EUV at CES. And the Land Rover Defender gets a makeover.

This is our first news segment and Simone tells us what we know so far about the Hyundai Ioniq 5 2021 EV SUV. We expect the official reveal of the Ioniq 5 to be about a month away.

Yes, they keep giving us short glimpses, but even those are enough to see how different the Ioniq 5 is. The new EV sub-brand’s SUV will look a lot more aggressive and futuristic than the Ioniq cars we all know. More importantly, the new EV SUV is based on the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) which lets the Ioniq 5 have more freedom with the layout limitations imposed by the internal combustion system.

Another company that has been teasing us recently is Chevrolet with sneak peeks of it’s new Bolt EUV. From what can be seen below we learn that about 80% of juice gives the remaining range of 235 miles, which translated to 378 km. This means that we can expect well over 400 km of range in the new Bolt EUV.

What do you think? Is Chevrolet just teasing us or did they actually accidentally leak the info?

Lastly, ARES Designs Land Rover Defender. ARES is based in Modena and their automotive designs often hit the sweet spot between upgrades and taste, something that is often missed by people who design upgrades for vehicles.

We love the old Defender, but let’s face it, time has left its mark on it and even Land Rover acknowledged that, developing the all-new model. However, this ARES Defender is surely something that will be at least as interesting to the Defender fandom as the best combo between the modern features and the beloved look.