It’s a review of the 2021 Mazda 3 X20 Astina Skyactiv-X with M Hybrid.

New groundbreaking tech, amazing efficiency and performance, great looks, and the famed Mazda driving dynamics and in the top trim. It’s meant to be an amazing offer in its segment of the market and even beyond it. So Jenny gives us her impressions of what the top Mazda 3 is like in person.

Engine Specifications

2.0l Petrol FWD (Manual)

Engine: 2.0l 4-cyl SPCCI petrol mild hybrid 
Power: 132 kW
Torque: 224 Nm
Transmission: 6 Speed Manual 
Fuel Consumption (combined): 5.3L/100km

2.0l Petrol FWD (Auto)

Engine: 2.0l 4-cyl SPCCI petrol mild hybrid
Power: 132 kW
Torque: 224 Nm
Transmission: 6 Speed Auto
Fuel Consumption (combined): 5.5L/100km

While the two worlds have been brought a lot closer, they are not really joined properly. Other than our high expectations not being fully met by the admittedly amazing Mazda powertrain tech, the Mazda 3 is still among the market leaders in the Australian small car segment.