Toyota Camry gets performance updates.
P400 Range Rover coming to Oz.
Could Germany introduce self driving sooner than we think?

In this week’s news, the 2021 Camry Update Adds More Power and a New Gearbox. The popular sedan will be powered by a 2.5 4-pot without any forced induction. 19 kW or 17 kW more from the engine, now producing 152 kW in its power sweet-spot. It looks like the new engine that is already used in the RAV4 which, aside from the stated power rating, also brings 243 Nm of torque. There will also be no more V6 on offer. Because of 100 Camrys sold in Australia, only 4 had the V6.

In more upmarket news, the new 2022 Range Rover Sport is coming in July to our shores and it comes with a mild-hybrid petrol option. This version will be called P400 and it will feature a turbo inline 6-cylinder. The turbo is a twin-scroll unit, but it also has an electric supercharger with the help of a 48-volt tech.

Also, the P400 is no compromise. The system provides 294 kW of power and 550 Nm of torque and we’re sure it won’t lack the standard plush of the brand.

For more electric power, there is also the P400e which is a plug-in hybrid with a 2 L turbo petrol and an electric push for a total of 297 kW.

If you are more old-fashioned, there are two more versions, including a 386 kW P525 powered by a 5 L V8 with a supercharger and, of course, the SVR version in the form of a P575 with 423 kW also from a supercharged V8.

Lastly, there are some hints that Germany could introduce laws that regulate on-road use of autonomous vehicles by the end of the year. The industrious Germans rarely do things for nothing, so we expect that the technology is at least close to being roadworthy. The German Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure explicitly said that within the next 12 months we may actually see driverless cars on the road in Germany.