Bringing Sexy Back.

OK, here we are for Part 3 of the Hypercar Battle of 2013. As always I would like to Thank You for joining us on yet another, semi twisted, and usually funny perspective on the automotive industry. In the previous articles, I marveled at what is known as the 2014 McClaren P1, and then broke down the pros, and cons of the sci-fi experiment funded by Bruce Wayne, ( I am kidding!) called the 2014 Lamborghini Veneno. These two cars have been at battle for a short period of time now, and up until a few weeks ago, they were alone, but now they have been joined by a true Italian Stallion.

Cartell.tvIntroducing the 2014 La Ferrari. (Hey, it sounds a little corny to the name Ferrari twice.) The La Ferrari is Ferrari’s culmination of time well spent, a look into the past, and technology that has been placed in the right hands. As Hypercars go, the La Ferrari is the sexiest by far. That’s my opinion in any case. Unlike the Veneno, La Ferrari actually resembles something that you would find in front of a Starbucks in Beverly Hills. It’s sheer presence, beckons the eyes to tear up from not blinking, and then your jaw becomes locked from it hanging open for so long. Yes, it looks that Damn Good!!

Where do we begin our drooling fest? Let’s start with the part that all men like on a curvy car, the ass. Cartell.tvThe rear end of the La Ferrari, brings you back to when the Enzo was first introduced to the world back in 2002. The ultra wide stance, of the Enzo was borrowed along with a few other looks as well. Some people are going to kill me for this, but it has to be said. If you look at the rear of the LaFerrari, you will see the Enzo style the drips from the mid-drift around the taillight area, but if you step back another few feet, you see a little Pagani Huayra mixed in there as well. (Stop yelling at me, I see it like I see it.) That very open lower rear section, along with the active, and fully self adjusting rear spoiler flaps, are all Huayra. Now don’t get me wrong the rest of the car going forward is a sight to behold. More of the Enzo is evident throughout the La Ferrari. The oversized wheel arches, to the size zero waist line, and even further is the sinister, yet uber sexy front fascia. The other funny thing about the La Ferrari, is that it doesn’t look like the same car from the top view, as you look at it from the front view.

Cartell.tvLike the other Hypercars, the La Ferrari is simple, but yet ultra modern two door speed demon. Alcantara leather, and Carbon Fiber are the key ingredients, thank make this interior see more ass, than Cabo, Mexico, during Spring Break. The words soft, and supple don’t do it for this car. You would need to say something along the lines of, adrenaline pumping fabric that sucks you in, with more pull than a Dyson vacuum. The interior is modern Ferrari, with it’s brightly illuminated gauges, subtly placed paddle shifters, Forza style racing steering wheel, and all the buttons your heart desires.

Now, the power of the La Ferrari is somewhat unique in the sense of what it represents. This symbiosis of technology, and Italian history, has given birth to a one of a kind Hybrid Hypercar. Yes, I said it, Hybrid. Like a Prius that, was reshaped by West Coast Customs, and then the motor was given a few more cylinders for good measure. Top it all off by dropping it in a vat of Fire Engine Red Paint, and there you have it. The power plant is a somewhat complicated system that allows for an “All Petrol” driving experience, but can be driven in an “All Electric” mode for a short period of time. The motor itself is a 6.2L V12 engine that alone makes 800CV (788hp or 587Kw) of power. Then that engine has been mated to an electric motor that produces 163CV (160hp, or 119Kw) of power. Mash those two together, and you now have over 963CV which is (949hp, or 707Kw) of power. All of this wouldn’t be complete without the torque specs. (Drum Roll Please) The 2014 La Ferrari produces 900Nm of torque to the rear wheels. This HYKERS system is still in it’s early stages, so we can expect that Ferrari will be inserting this into future models.

Cartell.tvTo wrap things up, we have been exposed to what is known as total case of WTF. Mind blowing horsepower numbers, combined with death by seduction, killer good looks, and more history than you could get from a Princeton college professor. These Hypercars, as they are called, are just the tip of the iceberg, for you see there are other companies looking to challenge the likes of the Veneno, and the P1. Companies like Spyker, Pagani, and even Zenvo are looking to get somebody’s Mega Millions winnings. There’s a lot more in store for us great car lovers in the world. We just have to be willing to accept the fact that we won’t know everything until, the right time, and even then, the Shock & Awe factor is going to be through the roof. Thanks For Reading.