On display this year at the 2015 Dubai International Motor Show was a range of Supercar Police vehicles. The display included premium vehicles from Bentley, Porshe and BMW. A very different feel to the standard Toyota Camrys or Holden Commodores we have gotten used to seeing in Australia.

One of the most interesting Popo vehicle choices was the BMW i8. A luxury high performance hybrid by BMW that carries a whopping price tag of close to $300,000 Australian.

In terms of power the BMW i8 produces 266kW of power and 570Nm torque, which providing its supercar category doesn’t sound as impressive as it should especially given its price tag. So it makes you question the Emirati motivation behind such a lavish law enforcer. Is it there to chase down criminals during ultra high speed pursuits whilst considering the environment or is it just another way Dubai shows the world why it is one of the most opulent cities known to man.