HEARD of Doug Nye?

If you have an interest in motorsport, you probably have, since he’s the UK’s top motor racing historian and author of countless books.

But right now he’s in a bit of pain.

This, from the latest edition of Motor Sport magazine:

I am up to speed creating and producing very large, very imposing books on various aspects of motor racing history, but right now am hobbling around cursing with the top of my right foot hurting like hell.

I was pulling a wonderful Australian-published book from its shelf when I misjudged its (considerable) weight, lost my grip on the slippery dust jacket and dropped it – corner first – on my bare foot.

Now, while I might be tempted therefore, to ignore this foot crusher, I’d like instead to recommend it to our committed enthusiast readership.

It’s entitled Red Dust Racers and is the centenary history of one of the most obscure of all motor racing venues: Lake Perkolilli in Western Australia. . . .

The motor sports world’s great breadth never ceases to amaze me and I love books such as Red Dust Racers, which so unexpectedly draw back the curtains of little known and often totally unexpected corners of vintage racing endeavor.

I recommend Graeme Cocks’s book highly to connoisseurs of the motor racing obscure.

But just don’t drop this weighty tome on your darned foot. My eyes are still watering . . .