Could Land Rover be bringing an all-new high-performance Defender SVR in the future? And here’s what we can expect with the 2022 facelift Volvo XC60

In this week’s automotive news, JLR’s SVO’s executive recently mentioned that the current Defender V8 does not have the SV badge. This makes us suspect that there could be a more powerful Land Rover Defender coming soon.

Those acronyms stand for Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicles Operations.

In other news, the 2022 facelift of the Volvo XC60 is coming to Australia.

Aside from the attempts to modernize its exterior with slight and very stylish changes, including new bumpers that differ based on the trim of your selection, as well as new wheel designs to choose from. The infotainment system also got updated to complement the redesigned centre console. Under the bonnet we get all hybrids, which is really cool, they will range from mild to plug-in variants. They are all paired with petrol engines. We have some ideas of the engines that are available on other markets and their power ratings range from 145 kW all the way up to almost 300 kW.

We’ll get more info on what’s coming here closer to the Australian launch which is slated to happen by September this year at the latest, although a sooner date is also an option.