A plug-in hybrid car from Mercedes also referred to as PHEV for short. PHEV vehichles have an engine, motor, and battery that allow them to be a driven as EVs, hybrids or a petrol car.

You can buy a Mercedes A250e for around $65,000, depending on the body style, the sedan is a bit more expensive. This is the current Manufacturer’s Recommended List Price that includes GST, but not on roads or dealer delivery.

Engine Specifications

Engine: 1.3L 4-cylinder / Direct-injection, turbocharged, PHEV
Power: 118 kW / 75kW
Torque: 250 Nm / 300 Nm 
Transmission: 8G-DCT hybrid automatic 
Fuel Consumption (combined): 1.6L/100km

The Mercedes-Benz A250e is an awesome entry into the Australian EV market with great benefits of both the ICE and EV worlds.