PEOPLE patiently waiting for Bugatti to follow the current trend and produce an SUV will have to wait longer. Much longer.

After years of speculation, Bugatti head Stephan Winkelmann has delivered a final answer on the potential for a Bugatti SUV.

That answer is no.

In a year-in-review announcement from the French luxury and supercar brand, Winkelmann explicitly said there would not be an SUV from Bugatti even though the “time appears appropriate.”

He said an SUV would not do justice to the brand or its history.

The sentiment makes Bugatti only the second brand to absolutely rule out the potential for an SUV, following McLaren, which last week made it clear it had ‘absolutely no plans’ to introduce a Lamborghini- or Ferrari-rivalling SUV.

Ferrari does not have one yet, but chairman Sergio Marchionne’s original ‘no’ has changed, with a ‘Ferrari Utility Vehicle’ one of his final projects before leaving the brand in 2021.

Although it won’t have any of Ferrari’s proud pedigree, the chairman assured loyalists ‘it will drive like a Ferrari.’

Lamborghini, which Winkelmann previously headed up, has introduced the already big-selling Urus, and Lotus is expected to join the lucrative SUV segment with cash from its new Chinese owner, Geely.

Instead of an SUV, Bugatti will focus on its newfound appreciation for coach built cars, such as its Divo, which is based on the Chiron, but has a distinct style and focuses on track performance.

 However, the 1125kW V16 quad-turbo Divo will probably not have the production team working overtime, since it has a retail price of almost $8million.

Winkelmann said Bugatti had a few surprises ready this year as the company celebrates its 110th anniversary.

One of the surprises might be an electric car and there’s also a suggestion it may build a plug-in hybrid, along the lines of Porsche’s Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid.

But as for a Bugatti SUV, le answer is an emphatic ’non’!