Jenny does something a little different. She answers some of the commonly asked new car questions we get on our channel. In what is her top 5 must-have features for new cars in 2020.

Even though this question is very much up to individual requirements and we all have different things we want in our new car. But Jenny tries to pick 5 fairly universal essentials when considering a new car in 2020.

A cool infotainment system

It’s 2020 and when we drive our cars, we expect a level of ambient, audio/visual pleasure to enhance our driving experience. You can learn languages on podcasts, hold business calls or listen to your favorite tunes on request plus lots more. So an adequate infotainment system has to be a top must-have for new vehicles. Some of the things we expect an infotainment system to have; a user-friendly, smart interface also with Apple CarPlay Android Auto, a generously sized screen and enabled with safety features like a reversing camera.

Fuel Efficiency

With the price of oil going down people seem a little less concerned with fuel consumption. But don’t expect prices to stay low for long, also consider current automotive trends and government environmental targets. For those who can’t afford to splurge on an electric vehicle. Jenny recommends a smaller turbo engine. To give performance and a better economy.

A minimum 5 year warranty

No matter how reliable a brand may consider itself, at the end of the day every single car is susceptible to issues. No matter the brand, age or mileage. When something goes wrong, you want to feel the company has your back and not for half the price of the actual car. Whilst most big brands have stepped up the game and offer at least 5 years. There are still some who offer only 3 so definitely, you need to check before signing on any new car deal.

Maximized Space (The Big Small)

The big small is well illustrated well by the Kia Cerato hatch. It’s listed as a small car but it still has a spacious enough interior and boot. Reasonable Ongoing service costs So be sure to check this before making your next new vehicle purchase. Add up the cost of the ongoing service for an estimated duration in which you expect to keep the vehicles. If you think you might service at an independent dealer, make the calls and ask the questions. But there are of course l plenty of others. Depending on what you will be using your car for. For example, if you’re someone who drives long distances every day then certain safety features like adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning would be a must.