Since 2017 Volvo’s Polestar has become a standalone brand, albeit still closely connected to Volvo. The introduction of its all-new Polestar 1 at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show cements the vision and introduces the exciting taste of what’s to come for Polestar.

One of the reasons for the change is that Polestar aims to be a proper competitor to Tesla in terms of making luxury electric cars with great performance.

We loved the new Polestar 1 at Geneva and it appears to be an excellent performance vehicle that whilst being different enough, has still taken some of the best bits from Volvo, with brave, reassuring design features an elegant, high-class interior.

Engine Specifications

Engine Type: 2.0L in-line I4 supercharged and turbocharged petrol engine
Electric Motors: 2 rear axle electric machines + Crank ISG
Max Power: 600 hp
Max. Torque: 1000 Nm
Electric Range: 150 km (NEDC)
Batteries: 34 kWh banner

Polestar claims 150 km of electric-only range, which they say is a record for a hybrid.

Aside from the Polestar 1, they also promised at least two more models in the foreseeable future. The Polestar 2, will be a small SUV of sorts and the Polestar 3 a larger SUV.