This article takes a look at one the hottest new cars to hit the market. The 2013 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series.

Mercedes Benz SLS Prototype On FireThis new Merc has gone through quite a bit of trial and error when it came down to development and all. Some of you out there have already seen the carnage that took place at the Nurburgring a few months ago during a testing sprint. For those of you who don’t know the prototype SLS AMG lost control during a high speed testing lap, and crashed into a guard rail. After which it burst into flames, and all that was left was a smoldering hulk of Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, and Vinyl protective tape.

Even with the crash making head lines all around the world, the new Mercedes Benz SLS AMG rose from the ashes like a Phoenix and has since dominated the automotive websites.

So now with the new SLS AMG going on a world tour we beg the question, “what makes this new Merc tic?” A hefty 6.2L V8 that’s producing over 620hp and 567lb feet of torque. That’s 427kW and 768nM for my MB SLS AMG Black SeriesAussie crew out there. Top speed has been proven at an astonishing 200mph, but we all know that AMG is truly being modest when they post these numbers. Now besides the brutal strength of this Sexy Beast, we have to also look at how the car grabs the attention of all of those who happen to be around it.

The massive bonnet is long enough for Jennifer Aniston to sun bath on, and still not get her hair caught in the wipers. Massive side air vents constantly draw out air from the monstrous engine, and cross drilled brake rotors at all times. The front end has been sharpened up with with some Carbon Fiber pieces that are as functional as they are fashionable. For the most part, this new Merc has been displayed in a brilliant Canary Yellow paint scheme that sinfully contrasts the Matte Black Wheels, as well as all of the Carbon Fiber bits that have been placed in various spots on the body.





The SLS AMG stills keeps the swooping Gullwing doors that it’s ultimately famous for, and opening them is just a as easy. But be fore warned, if you are wearing crotchless panties, and DID NOT get a wax in the past five days, please use a private service to get around. As far as the sexy ladies are concerned, SLS stands for Sexy Lingerie Sighted.

But enough of that, we have to talk about the interior before we get out of here. All Black supple leather Black Series MB SLSadorns the entire cabin, as it simply envelopes your senses in German engineering, and pizazz. The bolstered seats, bear hug you to a point where all you can do is melt into them, as you place you hands on the custom wrapped steering wheel.

Upon starting this mighty beast, the brightly illuminated gauges remind you of the car that you have just awoken from its slumber. The mood changes a bit when you hear the tuned exhaust rip holes in the silence around you. Stepping on the pedal to draw attention to yourself will be habit you will not want to break. Wrapping things up are a set of awesome looking 19” & 20” wheels that just scream GT3 race car. This new SLS AMG Black Series Benz is currently sitting pretty at the LA Auto Show, and will continue to travel from that point forward. Pricing has been set at around 200K USD, that should convert to about $191,000 AUD. So feel free to explore what this car can offer if you dare to try it out.