So, where do we begin? Do we start our journey at the front of the car like everyone else, and lovingly enjoy the ever so gently massaged, classic front end of the Porsche? Or do we take a few steps back, and gaze upon this automotive piece of technological excellence from the side, and perhaps just drool a little? You know what, let’s skip the formalities, and jump right in.

The 2016 Porsche Carrera has been given the Herculean task of taking on the world head on, whilst wearing a well tailored suit, and a fabulous set of shoes.

First and foremost we have to address the styling cues of the Porsche. The classic, and never duplicated curves of the Carrera, make this car its own entity on the road. Any time you see one on making its way through a windy mountain face, all you can do is stare in amazement. The Porsche designers have made it known that this new model’s form, will do nothing more but improve upon its function. Up front, the new Carrera has been sculpted to mimic the shape of an arrow, in which this style enhances the aerodynamics of the car, the sportiness, as well as the overall driveability.

Continuing with the design, the Carrera 911 has borrowed a few tricks from its Hybrid Super sibling the 918, where active aerodynamics now come into play. The Carrera’s adaptive control flaps not only provide a cooler and better air flow to vital components, but they also act as road handling features at higher speeds. And in keeping with the, “Road Handling” theme, we have to look at these awesome looking wheels that new 911 is sporting. The new Carrera has been given a half inch wider rear wheel, which I know doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a hell of a difference when the power comes on. Now depending on the specific model, you’ll either be using a 19 or 20 inch wheel, but regardless of it all, you know have 11.5 inches of rear tyre sitting on either side of that turbocharged flat six.


Yes, now it’s time to talk power. As we all know, the Porsche name is synonymous with everything to do with style, a passion for driving, great looks, high end technology, and above all, power. This new model has had it’s engine taken apart and completely reworked with an improved twist. The design team wanted to build an exciting new powerhouse that not only delivered the horses as quick as you could step on the loud pedal, but also provide good bit of economic fuel efficiency too.

Features such as Intelligent Overrun Cutoff, Coast Mode, and an extended Auto Start-Stop mode allow the Carrera to save more fuel than ever before. Now in the actual makeup of the engine, there a new bi-turbo setup that also helps out with the power boost, as well as the fuel saving of the Carrera. With some extensive research Porsche engine designers found that modifying the compression settings of the dual turbo set up, and then specifically tuning the ECU for that car, add to that a sweet sounding exhaust, the Carrera is capable of 272 Kw of power (370 HP), and 450 Nm of torque to the wheels. Not to mention that if you throw in the new and improved dual clutch PDK transmission unit, you’ll be using even less fuel that you think.

Now I believe it’s time to take a look at the inside of the Porsche Carrera 911. I mean what can I really say here? There’s no denying that all of the professionally leather wrapped touchable features in the cabin beg…….no, dare you to not drag your fingertips back and forth until your heart’s content. There seems to be numerous interior designing options that span from sophisticated wood trim, with chrome accents, to an ultra sporty aluminum, and carbon fiber look that would make any BMW owner jealous. Regardless of all of the fit and finish, what really matters is how YOU, the driver fit in that seat. High bolstered sides, deep bucket seating, that seem to always perfectly position your hands when grasping the steering wheel.

As you sit and briefly look around, you’ll notice the how the steering wheel plays a good part in allowing the driver to control certain aspects of his life, while briskly passing his fellow motorists on the speedway. Handsfree Bluetooth controls, Sat-Nav, Lane Departure, Audio Streaming, Iphone/smartphone Integration, Adaptive Cruise Control, standard Side Impact Airbags, and an even longer list of safety, and tech features that will ensure you a safe and pleasant journey. You, and your passenger/co-pilot will not regret taking and road trip in the Porsche 911 Carrera.