The Hummer has had its share of hate from the environmentalists and for all the right reasons. However, we are about to witness the first Hummer that is to be welcomed by the ECO crowd.

GMC has just announced its first Hummer EV set to appear as a 2022 model!

GMC calls it the world’s first all-electric supertruck, which we believe is a bit of a stretch, but there is no doubt it is a remarkable vehicle. Let’s see what we know so far.

In a video released by GMC, they promise 1,000 horsepower (about 735 kW) of power and 11,500 pound feet of torque, which is almost 15,600 Nm (no, not a typo, this is what GMC actually advertises). While electric motors do have plenty of torque and always on tap, that kind of a number is simply too high for constant (or any kind or) road use, so we assume it is some kind of a special feature, or a ‘special’ way of measuring, perhaps after gear multiplication. I mean, can you imagine a transmission which is designed to deal with that kind of a twisting force?

In reality, about 1,000 Nm is close to expected and definitely more than enough.

What we do believe is the claim that this machine will accelerate to 100 km/h in about 3 seconds. While this is still a remarkable feat, it is definitely within reach of electric powertrains. Sure the massive weight is a downside, but torque is the main thing when it comes to acceleration, and remember that massive figure from the above?

The estimated range is claimed to surpass 350 miles (560+ km) and a fast charger that gives about 160 km of range in just 10 minutes.

Of course, we expect to see heaps of the latest tech, much of which is not even available at the moment. Just some features we know about include four-wheel steering and Super Cruise, an elaborate system that allows things like hands-free driving and automatic lane changing.

Every Hummer needs to be a beast off road, even if it is used only to bling up the arrival of your favourite American rapper. The Hummer EV does not disappoint in this respect either. The off-road respect, not the bling one. OK, the bling one as well.

In the off-road segment, it has massive ground clearance that comes from both suspension setup and 35” tyres. If you want more, you can actually install 37” tyres. Expectedly, a number of driving modes will also make off-roading easier. One of them is called Extract and it activates a number of changes, including an additional 6” lift.

Another great perk is Crabwalk, which is a name they gave to the ability to curve all four wheels to the same side and move diagonally.

Moreover, underbody cameras make visibility a lot better. We have already seen similar ideas from Land Rover, but judging from the material released by GMC so far, they have gone a step further.

Other off-road specs include things like 30 cm of ground clearance, 44.3-degree approach angle, 33.7 departure angle and 25.4 breakover angle and that is in Terrain mode. The mentioned Extract mode gives more than 40cm of ground clearance and 49.7, 98.4 and 32.2 degrees of approach, departure and breakover angles. With the suspension travel of 33 cm and water fording of up to 81 cm in Extract mode, there aren’t many better stock off road options on the market today.

These are just some of the features announced for the Hummer EV. Still being a while away, we will hold any verdicts for the moment we see what crawls its way into the production model a year from now. Even GMC says many of the mentioned features are their estimates and they may vary depending on the trim level and the actual state of the production model.

We’re looking forward to trying one out as soon as possible. Until then, follow us for the latest information about the Hummer EV and other automotive news and reviews.