For 2012, the Toyota Camry hybrid is new, improved, and even has a lower price. Toyota’s mission is to appeal to more than just people that live in Japan and North America, where a majority of the reported 3.5 million sales of Toyota Hybrids have occurred. The 2012 Camry hybrid is faster and more fuel-efficient than last year, and the lower starting price is the greatest incentive being offered to try one out. As a majority of people are more interested in how much a vehicle costs and how much money it will save them on fuel and repairs, the hybrid designation is much less of a concern to the normal driver. Therefore, if you are looking for a vehicle that is extremely fuel-efficient and is relatively inexpensive to maintain, the 2012 Camry hybrid may be worth a look.

There are two trims available for the 2012 Camry hybrid, the base H and the luxury HL, both of which are powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 118kW of power combined with an electric traction motor with 105kW of power. Combined, they provide the Camry hybrid with 151kW of power. It will also take you from 0-100km/h in about eight seconds. They also feature a fair amount of torque that actually gives them a performance feel. Fuel economy is quite impressive giving you 5.2L/100km. With the faster 2012 Camry, Toyota has also improved the handling and stability as well. The suspension and power steering can be tuned to specific road conditions, and the added weight of the batteries in the rear is responsible for the better handling and feel. To keep you on the road, the Camry hybrid H is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels with Michelin tires and the Camry HL has an upgrade of 17-inch alloy wheels with Bridgestone tires.

Toyota helps you advertise to everyone that you are driving a hybrid with a unique radiator grill and a bright “hybrid blue” Toyota badge. The headlights also feature blue-accented extensions and the hybrid blue badge is repeated on the on the rear of the car. The Camry hybrid HL features a rear spoiler and chrome trim, but otherwise there are not many differences between the base and the luxury version from the outside. One distinct option for the Camry hybrids is that they are the only ones available in pearl white. The inside of the Camry hybrid is where the majority of the remodeling has happened. The previously outdated boring interior has been replaced with a modern look that is similar to that of the Lexus IS. The luxury model also gets some additions including a blind spot mirror, and an automatic high beam setting.

There is a large price difference between the base and luxury Camry hybrid versions however. The base Camry hybrid H starts at about $34,900 and can top out at $41,490 for the Camry hybrid HL. You do get a lot more for you money purchasing the Camry hybrid HL, but they both save you the same amount on fuel, so the choice is up to the buyer.

Although the Camry has a reputation for being boring, and buying a hybrid is not the most important thing on everyone’s list, the 2012 Camry hybrid deserves a chance. Toyota recognizes to make a hybrid attractive it needs to be a faster, cheaper to fuel and cheaper to maintain. They have combined all of these into the 2012 Camry hybrid H and HL, making the hybrid more of a bonus than the reason to buy one. If you need to see it to believe it, go take one for a drive. The majority says it just might change your mind about the overlooked Camry and the idea of driving a hybrid.