Here we are again folks, with another great look into a vehicle that we as drivers love, and wouldn’t mind driving around town. With, or without our significant others. Today’s segment is going to be solely about the 2013 SRT Viper GTS.

For all that we know, the Viper of old was a great car when it was in full production, but it had its constant set of flaws. Dodge-SRT_Viper_GTS_2013_4The Viper was like a an Aston Martin on steroids. A long bonnet, with a massive engine that hungered to release it’s damn near uncontrollable rage upon any set of tires that were selected to sit under the boot of the car. The Viper seemed to always want to drift when you even thought about taking a turn at speed, and then the ride was pretty harsh as well. With all that aside we have found ourselves with the new & improved Viper.

The 2013 SRT Viper GTS is a veritable BEAST that has somehow has found it’s way back onto the roads of America, and then soon the rest of the world. With an 8.4L, 20 Valve V10 engine that produces a massive 477Kw of power, and 813Nm of torque, the Viper’s the overall personality has not changed. Raw and unadulterated power has always been the passion of the Viper, and 2013”s model does not disappoint. The power for this unruly animal is channeled through a hard core 6 speed manual transmission that does one of two things when the loud pedal is depressed. The 2013 SRT Viper has been proven to push out an 3.4 second 0 to 100km/h drive time, and a top speed of 331km/h. With power comes control. The new Viper is equipped with new dampening adjustable suspension in all four corners, traction Dodge-SRT_Viper_GTS_2013_5control, and a new launch control option for those who may need to preserve their tires.

The SRT team vowed to make the 2013 Viper something better than what it was known for back in the day, but let’s keep it real, a lot has not changed. The power delivery is unrelenting, the sound is brash and sometimes uncouth, but to the driver who enjoys driving on the edge, none of this really matters. The improved braking system which consists of 14 inch cross drilled rotors, and 4 piston Brembo calipers, helps corral the power that is constantly created, even though the rev limiter stops at around 6500.

For what it’s worth the SRT Viper’s interior has been seriously upgraded, with plenty of tech that has been accompanied by a ton of supple leather. First off, the cabin is adorned in all black leather with white stitching that helps the driver and passenger stay planted in the deep Sabelt racing style bucket seats. A lower, and slightly deeper set gauge pod is noticeable behind the beefy 3 spoke steering wheel. The center of attention is an 8.4 inch LCD screen that’s in control of an 18 speaker Harmon Kardon audio system that when at full tilt will give that throaty V10 a run for its money in the sound department.

Style wise the SRT Viper is as bold looking, and down right aggressive as it has always been, but this new model’s lines Dodge-SRT_Viper_GTS_2013_2were somewhat exaggerated to make sure that this car looked like nothing else. With it’s curvaceous lines, wide stance, bold looking grille, and massive air vents, the Viper demands attention. Oddly enough the Viper is a few inches smaller than the last model, and it’s slightly smaller size translates in the way it drives.
LED lighting cover the front and rear of the car, while side mounted exhaust tips belt out an inharmonious symphony of power, and angst. Completing this ensemble of gratuitous power, and insanity is a set of wheels that do their best to hold onto the road whenever the driver is feeling a bit playful behind the wheel. 19 x 13 inch wheels in the rear, and 18 x 10 inch wheels in the front, all wrapped in Pirelli P Zero tires just fortify the notion of controlled chaos.

In retrospect, the 2013 SRT Viper is a car that demands the attention of a driver that seeks the gratification of knowing that he or she is able to put this car in its place when the time is right. Driving this car can be compared to riding a Ducati 996. At low speeds you can find yourself in a spot where you may have wished you never bought the thing in the first Dodge-SRT_Viper_GTS_2013_3damn place, but then at speeds you become the happiest person in life because of the simple reward of achievement. After a few times of putting the Viper or the Ducati in it’s place, you now have become the master of your driving destiny. In simple terms you need to “Man Up” to drive this car correctly, and properly for that matter. The $140,000USD you would pony up for this car will be well worth it in the long run. The 2013 SRT Viper GTS, is a car that will not disappoint, for that matter it will always be a total Bad Ass Ride.