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About Danni

I hate admitting this, but my brother is a new car salesman. I guess that’s why the ‘Motor Gods’ decided I would become an Automotive Journalist. Maybe to try to restore balance in the world and make things right again.

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About Jenna

Even though I may be a little ‘green’ when it comes to cars, I still know what makes them fun to drive. For my reviews, I like to focus on the performance of a car from a sporty perspective.

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About Martine

My background is originally in news journalism where I ran after politicians and hunted down criminals in the courts. I love my work here as a car review video presenter because I get to show more of who I am. Read more …

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About Charli

I am a very strong woman. Always confident about who I am, I enjoy men who know who they are and have a definite direction in their life. My love of initially vintage and now all cars has led me here to be a car review video presenter. Read more…

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