Amelia looks at the KIA Sorento V6 and runs through whether it’s worth buying the V6 Sorento over the latest 2022 Kia Sorento PHEV. partnered with Ausloans to make this video. Get a personalized loan rate and instant pre-approval with Ausloans. Visit:

With the Australian government pledging to meet net-zero by 2050, we still don’t see any subsidies helping to incentivize people to buy electric vehicles and make EVs a more affordable option.

We wanted to make a video highlighting features and some of the key differences between the plugin hybrid and ice-only Sorento 7 seaters.

The average fuel consumption of the V6 Kia Sorento SUV is 9.7 liters and it should give you an estimated range of 690km.

The PHEV on the other hand adds that battery and motor which when combined with its 1.6 L petrol engine give an approximated consumption of 1.6 L per 100 km. Then based on that you would have a range of 4188km.