Jenny reviews the latest 2021 Subaru XV Hybrid. Well, it looks like the new XV Hybrid ticks all the boxes that a hybrid in this segment needs and also adds some more. It is a Subaru, so it has a proper AWD system, it is a hybrid with the same system that pushes the Forester, but this time working not as hard due to the smaller body and it is compact enough to be a great choice for the city.

Engine Specifications

Engine: Direct injected, horizontally-opposed e-Boxer 4 cylinder, petrol engine
Power: 110 kW @ 6000rpm / 12.3kW (Electric motor)
Torque: 196 Nm @ 4000rpm / 66Nm (Electric motor)
Transmission: Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) 
Fuel Consumption (combined): 36.5 (l/100km) (ADR 81/02 combined cycle)

The Subaru XV Hybrid is a nice step from the Internal Combustion Engine-only cars without any of the fuss or range anxiety in a competent, spacious small car.