2012 Supaloc Targa Adelaide Brings Amazing Cars and Great Events to South Australia

Triumph, Targa Rally Street Party Norwood, 2012

The 2012 Supaloc Targa Adelaide arrived in Adelaide Wednesday, August 22 to “bring the sport to the people” by giving spectators a chance to see the competitors up close and personal as well as enjoy other events for both race fans and non-race fans. The Norwood, Payneham & St Peter’s Council hosted the biggest event with the Parade Targafest Street Party on Friday, August 24. Targafest had activities for both motorsports lovers and non-motorsports lovers, including food, attractions and events for kids as well.

For car lovers, over 150 cars valued at around $10 million dollars displayed along The Parade to see up close, meet the drivers and take advantage of the many opportunities to photograph these unique cars. When not looking at the cars, you could enjoy live street performances, food and a fun family atmosphere. Kids could get free rides on some exciting ride-on powered vehicles as well as watch extreme remote control car and helicopters demonstrations. For some people this is the only way to see these cars, as getting to the spectator points in the Hills can sometimes be a challenge.

Nissan GT, Targa Rally Street Party Norwood, 2012

Supaloc Targa Adelaide is one of the biggest events on the South Australian events calendar and spans from August 22 to 26. The field contains modern and classic cars on 235 kilometers across 30 stages over the five-day period. Another highlight of this year’s event was the nighttime racing on August 22 at the Adelaide Showgrounds, featuring a three-kilometer stage to challenge all the cars. Over 23,000 fans attended the opening at the Intercontinental Adelaide Night State at the Showgrounds. The fastest classic car was a 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera RS, closely followed by a 1981 Triumph TR7 V8.


Mustang, Targa Rally Street Party Norwood, 2012

For those who are able to access spectator points along the course, expect to see some great racing from some of the country’s most unique cars. The whole event, which brings a large amount of people to the area, is expected to be one of the biggest events to be held in area. The five days of racing and spectator activities is set to end on August 26, when the cars and drivers return to Adelaide for a street party celebration.