The “V” stands for versatility

The 2012 Toyota Prius V is the brand new, bigger, family-friendly version of Toyota’s successful Prius Hybrid. As the movement continues to buy eco-friendly fuel-efficient cars continues, it seems as though the family car was left out of the equation. The V represents “versatility”, which is exactly what the new Prius wagon can offer, plenty of space for your family and cargo, as well as hybrid efficiency that only Prius can provide. It shares the same engine as its smaller counterpart, but the larger size does not compromise the fuel economy.

The heart of the Prius V

A 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine and pair of electric motors power the 2012 Prius V, combine these with the unique continuously variable transmission and you get a combined 100kw of power. It may not sound like a lot of power, but it is plenty to get you where you need to go inexpensively. The fact you are not going to win any races with it becomes much less of a concern when you realize that you are getting some of the best mileage you can get today, with a class-leading 4.4 litres/100km and CO2 emissions of 101g/km. Not only does the Prius V provide money savings for your family but also provides safety with 7 airbags, reversing camera, hill start, traction control and anti-skid brakes.

Bigger sometimes is better

The Prius V is 6 inches longer, 3 inches taller and an inch wider than its regular Prius counterpart is. This translates into more interior room for passengers, and with every seat filled, you still have 34 cubic feet of space behind the seats for luggage, sports equipment or anything else you need to transport. We tested out the 7 seated Prius by occupying each seat with tall basketball players. It was surprisingly comfortable and there was enough legroom throughout the vehicle for all passengers.

With the rear seats folded down you have an immense 67.3 cubic feet of cargo space, more than most small crossover SUV’s, and better fuel economy as well. You can also fold the front passenger seat flat to allow room for oversize items that normally would not fit in any car.

It’s a reasonable price you will pay to enjoy the hybrid fuel economy and 7 seats that the Prius V offers. The Prius V starts at about $36,000. Standard features include Climate Control Air-conditioning, Cruise Control, daylight running lamps, key-less entry/push start, pull up blinds, 6.1 inch touchscreen with iPod/USB and Bluetooth connectivity.


The Prius V provides a very economical option the small crossover or SUV, with in some cases more interior room and cargo space then they provide. The Prius V is designed to be a family car reminiscent of the station wagon of the past, but with much better fuel economy. Although the Prius might be a little pricier than other vehicles in its class, it is the only true hybrid you will find. Eventually everyone will be driving a hybrid if the petrol costs continue to rise, so why not invest in one that has plenty of room for you family as well as anything you want to take with you.