Jenny Video Presenter

I would say I have vibrant and quirky personality and can be a bit of a character! My background in modelling and acting helped me to be comfortable in my skin and not scared to be a bit daring! I really believe in being yourself and having fving fun, my work allowed me to travel, explore the world and connect with awesome people.  When not reviewing awesome cars for Cartell, I act and work in natural wellness, you have to be healthy to be happy and enjoy life 🙂

My First Car

My first car was like my first love! A silver 98 Mitsubishi Lancer, it had been my mums and she sold it to me. I moved from Melbourne to Queensland and back again with that car, went through sooo much together it felt more like my best friend. I had it 10 years and probably wouldn’t have given it up if my BF hadn’t written it off by rear ending a red car stop at a red light 😐 Clearly the universe was telling me to let go and move on haha

What car did you go on your first date in?

Ohhhh, yep my first date was in a now classic HJ Holden ute and it belonged to my first BF! He thought he was pretty pimpin! It was white and in nice condition, shiny mags. I have to say that a ute is not a great car for romance 😉

What do you drive now?

Well I didn’t exactly choose it but my car has been a total blessing. Sooo I was living in Asia for some time so when I came back I was working between Adelaide and Melbourne and my dad kindly sold me his very reliable, very typically retiree Toyota Camry, yes it’s white and no I never get pulled over by the cops 😉 I really can’t fault her, no matter how dad-daggy, nearly 300k without a hiccup she even has electric seats!

Your dream car?

Ok! So if we’re talkin ideal… I would love to own a Tesla and the model X would be my candy, due to the fact that Tesla are really front runners in greener technology annnnnd the design aesthetic and drive is phenomenal plus, I love the functionality of a wagon! I would also enjoy the roadster to cruise around in on weekends or something along the lines of an Audi R8. But, yeah for everyday awesomeness the Tesla model X

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