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Toyota 86 – Video Review

The 86 is a car without compromise, made for just one purpose: to have fun with. The car refers back to Toyota’s heritage of sporty cars and its most apparent predecessor is the AE86, a car introduced in 1983. The AE86 has a huge racing history and is even today a frequently seen contender on drift tracks. It was also very easy to tune, which I’m sure many will also do to the new 86 and that’s perhaps the reason why Toyota didn’t bother to take it beyond said 147 kW. In fact, the first tuning companies have already...

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Toyota 86 GT/GTS Review – Article

Much as the brand is appreciated by its customers worldwide, Toyota hasn’t been particularly achieving that by coming up with soulful automobiles. It’s been all ‘quality’ and ‘customer value’ and ‘corporate social responsibility’ and such meaningless management terms, leading to cars that aren’t even the slightest bit of exhilarating. OK, I’ll admit it, Toyota has fared very well since it started out in the fifties and that’s been exactly because of the above described strategy. But there was still always place for something sporty and exciting. Until, in 2002, they took the Supra out of production and things went...

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