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King’s Car

MORE than 150 classic cars lined the grounds of the Cottesloe Civic Centre grounds at the weekend, some old, others brand new, and many with quite a tale to tell. One of the most intriguing at Western Australia’s annual...

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2017 Dubai International Motor Show

AN 8.1litre 900kW sports coupe that is switched on by a fancy wristwatch, another with diamond-encrusted headlights, a third supercar made of titanium – and the return of a much-loved German brand of yesteryear – were among the standouts of the 2017 Dubai International Motor Show.

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Boyle Special

It’s a question that arose the moment I bought a 1/43 scale Brumm model of a Maserati 8CTF racer 40 or more years ago. Alongside the cockpit of the burgundy car that ran at Indianapolis – and won in 1939 and 1940 – were the words ‘Boyle Spl’ and an imprint of a clover.

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INFOTAINMENT systems — often in the form of large screens popping up from most dashboards these days — are an essential part of modern-day cars because without them, any new car would be unsaleable.

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