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Green & Gold

IS a green car really unlucky? Of course not. Colour has nothing to do with what happens to any car – except on a dark night without the lights on. There are so many different hues available these days, though white, silver and black are the most popular, but you should have a good think about the colour of your next car – because it could affect its value. Researchers at in the US analysed more than 2.1 million sales of three-year-old cars and found that depreciation varied widely across different the different colours. The sample only applies...

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Boyle Special

It’s a question that arose the moment I bought a 1/43 scale Brumm model of a Maserati 8CTF racer 40 or more years ago. Alongside the cockpit of the burgundy car that ran at Indianapolis – and won in 1939 and 1940 – were the words ‘Boyle Spl’ and an imprint of a clover.

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