Amelia Video Presenter

When not reviewing the latest model cars for Amelia is an award-winning Cabaret Artist and Writer. A Musical Theatre Actress by trade, she quickly swapped ‘Song and Dance’ for ‘Comedy and Cabaret’, when she realised her ability to do a time-step (or ANY step) paled in comparison to her knack for cracking quips. She featured in Australia’s major cabaret festivals and has been invited to take the shows the United States and England.

My First Car

My first car was a 1992 brown Mazda 626 (oh so glamorous), with the number plate WAM-297. It was in mint condition when I bought it, but after a few years with me, the number plate WAM took on a whole new meaning. Since then my driving has improved and so has my taste, in cars.

What car did you go on your first date in?

I wish I could remember! But I do recall a rather impressive Porsche convertible several years later. That’s about as impressive as it got though… … …

What do you drive now?

I had a Citroen c5, diesel, but had to leave it in NSW due to a rather unfortunate incident involving a wombat. It was great for fuel consumption, had a gorgeous interior, great features, and super comfortable to drive. Didn’t fare so well against the wombat though.

Your dream car?

I’m a sucker for an SUV. Love the Audi’s Q5 or Q7. They’re my practical picks. Something on the less impractical side, however, would be a Red Cadillac convertible.

Recent Video Reviews Featuring Amelia

2017 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid

Big, safe, roomy, fun… at least for the kids. The new Pathfinder builds on the previous models improving driving characteristics, increasing safety and entertainment tech and giving more room inside than most competitors.
It is supposed to do one thing good – provide suitable transportation for large families. It does that just perfect.

2017 Jaguar F-Pace S

Amelia reviews the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace S 30d. It’s the first time Jaguar has made an SUV so watch our video review to find out if the F-Pace was a good move by Jag.

2017 Toyota C-HR Koba AWD

The 2017 Toyota C-HR is an all new addition to the Toyota vehicle lineup. In this video Amelia review’s Toyota’s latest offering to see if all the hype for the C-HR is warranted.

2017 Toyota 86 GTS

In this video, Amelia reviews the 2017 Toyota 86 GTS. Toyota says they have sharpened the driving focus of the Toyota 86 with improvements that build on the style, performance, handling and affordability.

2017 Jaguar XE S

Amelia reviews the all new 2017 Jaguar XE S. This is a luxury sports saloon which will have state of the art features as well as exhilarating performance.